Sunday, November 23, 2014

One killed and four injured in Steynsburg collision

Loyiso Langeni
23 November 2014

An accident this morning on the R720 left one person dead and four others with multiple injuries when their Toyota Hilux collided with a tree.

ER24 Spokesperson Werner Vermaak said when they arrived on scene a man in his twenties was found outside the vehicle with fatal injuries. It is believed that he was ejected during the collision.

"Upon further assessment they found four others with multiple injuries, ranging from lacerations and fractures.

The occupants in the vehicle were extricated from the vehicle and stabilised on the scene and later transported to a nearby hospital for further medical care." Vermaak added.

 Exact detail to the cause of the accident will remain the subject of a police investigation.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Phoenix TRT members arrest four suspects wanted for a string of house robberies in Verulam

Oscar Thomas
22 November 2014

KwaZulu-Natal Police Commissioner Lieutenant Mmamonnye Ngobeni welcomes the arrest of four wanted suspects for murder and a string of house robberies in Verulam. 

Major Thulani Zwane said members were patrolling at Etafuleni area, Inanda yesterday, 20 November 2014 as part of Festive Season operations when they received information about wanted suspects for house robberies and murder in the area.

Major Zwane also said the members followed up on information that led to the arrest of four suspects in the area.

Zwane said the members followed up on information that led to the arrest of four suspects in the area.

Zwane said Goods such as laptops, cell phones, TV sets and an unlicensed firearm and ammunition were recovered.

Zwane said these goods are suspected to have been taken during the house robberies that were reported at Verulam area.

Zwane said two of the arrested suspects were linked to the murder and business robbery case at Inanda area where Dahir Farah was shot and killed in his shop on 20 October 2014 at about 9:00. 

Zwane said the recovered firearm is suspected to be used during the shooting and it will be sent for ballistic tests to establish if it was used in any other crime in the province.

Zwane said the other two suspects were linked to a string of house robberies that were reported at Verulam as from March this year.

“All arrested suspects aged between 22 and 24 years are due to appear in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court soon Zwane added.


OUTA challenge Dr Roelof Botha

Loyiso Langeni
22 November 2014 

The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance has challenged Dr Roelof Botha to a public debate.

This follows comments he made regarding e-tolls stating that those we do not pay taxes should shut up about e-tolling. 

Outa’s John Clarke said Botha needs to apogees and it is clear that he believes that e-tolling is pro-poor.

“It was a ridiculous comment to make and it is retractable so we acknowledge that its but not for us as OUTA to be in a position to accept it. The poor need to hear it and need to hear his case.

What we have proposed is that they have a debate where Roelof Botha, myself and two other people on the other side, in a basically have a helpfully construction intellectual engagement as to whether or not e-tolling is pro-poor or not.” Clarke added.


Friday, November 21, 2014

A 30 year old man arrested for transporting abalone

Loyiso Langeni
21 November 2014

Western Cape Police have arrested a 30 year old man for allegedly transporting illegal abalone from the outskirts of Hermanus to Cape Town.

Captain Fc van Wyk said members from the Cape Town K9 Unit responded to information of a vehicle allegedly transporting illegal abalone and proceeded to conduct patrols along the N2 in the vicinity of Lwandle and Sir Lowry’s Pass.

"On Thursday morning, they spotted a heavy loaded white Volkswagen TDi hatch back travelling on the N2 and pulled the vehicle from the road opposite Lwandle, Strand.

Upon searching the vehicle they recovered 12 bags of shucked abalone from inside the vehicle and the boot. The driver, a 30 year old man from Nyanga, was arrested and detained at Lwandle police station." Van Wyk added.

The arrested man is due to appear in the Strand Magistrates’ Court on Monday.



Ramaphosa: DA’s decision to proceed with the censure motion inconsistent

Loyiso Langeni
21 November 2014

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said the process agreed by parties on Tuesday regarding Parliament has been rendered unworkable following a motion tabled by the Democratic Alliance.

The parties agreed to work together to ensure that the rules and procedures are applied constantly without any favour, prejudice and applied fairly.

Deputy President Spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa said the Leader of Government Business remains committed to working with other parties to address the current situation in Parliament.

“He believes the majority of parties in the National Assembly share this commitment and is hopeful that we can still find a way to work together to restore the dignity and integrity of this institution.” Mamoepa added.


Six people burnt beyond recognition

Lusanda Bill
21 November 2014

A tragic accident this morning on Old Pretoria Main Road in Tembisa left six people dead and seven injured. 

It is believed that a taxi collided with a Ford Ranger resulting in the taxi going up in flames leaving the six burnt beyond recognition. 

ER24 Spokesperson Russel Meiring said when the fire was extinguished six bodies were found in the fire including a small body believed to be that of a child.

Meiring said it is unclear at this stage how many people were in the taxi. The driver of the Ford Ranger also sustained injuries and was later transported to hospital. 




ANC rejects claims by DA regarding Operation Isondlo

Lusanda Bill
21 November 2014

The African National Congress in the Western Cape has rejected the Democratic Alliance’s statement that the programme to find and arrest child maintenance defaulters was a project started by the provincial government. 

ANC’s Marius Fransman said these claims are baseless and not true as Operation Isondlo is a national project. 

Fransman said Operation Isondlo which is a brilliant programme was initiated by the Justice and Constitutional Development, and the public needs to support this programme.

“We are concerned that there is insignificant politics at play in it and we are also rejecting the notion that it is a provincial programme while in fact it is a national project” Fransman added.


Minister pleased with Zimbabwe permits applications

Oscar Thomas
21 November 2014

Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba on Thursday said there has been a high level of compliance from Zimbabweans in the country.

This as the Departments Dispensation of Zimbabweans Project process is going well. 

The ZSP will allow Zimbabweans in the country to work, conduct business or study in the country for three years until the end of December 2017.

Gigaba said we are quite happy with the process as it is going.

Gigaba said the capacity that we have is sufficient for us to be able to deal with this process within the timelines that we have established for ourselves.

Gigaba said because this process deals with 249 000 people, up to so far, we have received 64% electronic applications.

“So there is a very high level of compliance and we are confident that come December 31st, all the 249 000 Zimbabweans would have submitted their on-line applications and they would then be undergoing this process here in all the facilities we have established across the country to ensure that we can deal with their applications Gigaba added.

Meanwhile Gigaba said the process will not be open ended as the department will be strict on due dates set out.

Gigaba said in the main the department is trying to ensure that there is a database of foreign nationals that are in the country.

Gigaba said the department said the ZSP will hopefully be finished by April next year.

Gigaba said he expected that all permits will have been issued by March next year.

Gigaba said Zimbabwean nationals who have submitted applications but have not had their permits issued will be allowed to cross Beitbridge should they wish to go home during the festive season and be allowed back into the country, provided their applications have been captured.

Gigaba said Once the Zimbabwean Special Project has been concluded, his department would then look at using the Visa Facilitation Centres to process applications from other foreign nationals from Southern African countries.

Gigaba said from now we will begin a process of dealing with Basotho, then dealing with Mozambican nationals and other SADC nationals that are in the country so that we have all of them registered. 

“In the main, we are also trying to ensure that we have got a database of all the foreign nationals that are in our country so that we can keep them within our own systems in Home Affairs and ensure that they are also accessible to other services of the state should they be required Gigaba added. 


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Western Cape Department of Health warns of job scam

Oscar Thomas
20 November 2014
The Western Cape Department of Health has warned against a job scam making the rounds affecting various hospitals including Helderberg, Valkenberg, Groote Schuur and Lentegeur. 
The scam has had an effect as people are flocking to the various hospitals for the job. 
The Departments Sithembiso Magubane said The Western Cape Health Department has issued a warning that four state hospitals have been targeted by a fake job scam.
Magubane said as part of the ruse, random SMSs are sent to people asking them to deposit money into an account in order to secure work.
Magubane said the fake jobs were also advertised for in local newspapers.
The Department is warning the public to be extra careful when applying for a job and to report any suspicious activity to the police. 
The scam is now under investigation by the police.
The Departments Sithembiso Magubane said the hospitals that have been affected so far are Helderberg Hospital, Valkenberg Hospital, Groote Schuur Hospital and Lentegeur Hospital.
“The best thing to do is ignore it as we ask people to be aware of this Magubane added.


ACDP concerned over alarming trend of abuse

Oscar Thomas
20 November 2014

The African Christian Democratic Party in the Western Cape said it is concerned and alarmed at a recent report which revealed that more than 50 percent of children are abused by either a teacher, guardian or relative.

The Children’s Institute at the University of Cape Town released the report on Tuesday where it also revealed that 74 percent of all child homicides involve children under the age of five, and at least 10 percent of child murders involve sexual assault. 

ACDP Provincial Leader Ferlon Christians said the report also indicated that cases of abuse are severely underreported in a country where more than half of the 45 000 contact crimes against children are sexual in nature.

Christians said how are we to teach and protect our children when the people in-trusted with their safety are the people harming them.

Christians said people in our society to safeguard our children by reporting cases of abuse to local authorities.

“Men should be at the forefront of promoting the 16 days of activism campaign and play a leading role in the fight against woman and child abuse in the country by setting the example Christians added.


MEC Plato condemns mob justice attack incident in Delft

Oscar Thomas
20 November 2014

The Western Cape MEC of Community Safety Dan Plato has condemned the mob violence incident in Delft last week. 

It is alleged that three police officers in their uniforms watched as the man was being beaten by community members with a sjambok.

MEC Plato said mob justice cannot to be tolerated in our communities and any perpetrators of mob justice must face the full might of the law.

Ministerial Spokesperson Ewald Botha said MEC Plato commends the swift action by the City of Cape Town Law Enforcement Management in suspending the Law Enforcement Officers identified and launching an urgent investigation into establishing whether these officers failed in their duties.

Botha said MEC Plato trusts that they will not only uncover what happened at the scene but also put corrective measures in place to prevent future incidents and he has requested a full report on the incident.

Botha said Members of our communities are urged never to take the law into their own hands and rather alert law enforcement officials if any wrongdoing is suspected or if any crime is being committed.

Botha said Law enforcement officials have to always provide a quality of service to the public which is professional and beyond reproach.

Botha said the tragic incident in Delft saw reactionary failures from both law enforcers and the public which has to be corrected.

Botha said the trusting relationship between communities and policing services has to be restored.

“We call on all communities in the province to partner with all law enforcement officials towards safer environments Botha added.


Woman critical after being dragged under car

Oscar Thomas
20 November 2014

A woman was this morning dragged under a car at the William Nicol and Sandton Drive intersection in Johannesburg

It is believed that the woman had stopped her vehicle to exchange her details with another driver after a minor accident. 

The driver apparently sped off resulting in the woman being dragged under the vehicle. 

ER24 Spokesperson Russel Meiring said it is understood that the incident occurred when the woman had stopped her vehicle to exchange her details with another driver after a minor collision.
Meiring said ER24 paramedics arrived on scene and found the woman lying in the middle of the road.

Meiring said on assessment, paramedics discovered that the woman had sustained multiple injuries to her head and chest after she was dragged under a light motor vehicle for some distance.

Meiring said Paramedics treated the patient for injuries, providing her with advanced life support to stabilize her injuries.

Meiring said once treated, she was transported by ambulance to a private hospital in Johannesburg for urgent treatment.

Meiring said the driver was not found on scene.

“Local authorities were on scene for further investigations Meiring added.


Warrant of arrests out for two suspects in the Southern Cape

Oscar Thomas
20 November 2014

The Directorate Priority Crime Investigation in the Southern Cape are looking for two suspects aged 33 and 21-years-old whom warrants of arrests have been issued. 

The two were stopped in September on the N1 highway in Beaufort West and where abalone was found inside the car they were travelling in. 

Captain Bernadine Steyn said in the boot a total of 537 shucked abalone with an estimated street value of about R182 000-00 were confiscated.

Steyn said both the accused, who are originally from Johannesburg, were arrested on the scene and appeared in the Beaufort West court on 24 September 2012.

“Bail of R15 000-00 was granted to both the accused Steyn added.


DA welcomes stance taken on maintenance defaulters

Lusanda Bill
20 November 2014

The Democratic Alliance has welcomed the adoption by the Department of Justice to find and arrest maintenance defaulters.

DA MP Denise Robinson said child maintenance is a legally binding agreement to be paid regularly and on time.

The DA said this idea was created by them when they came into power in the Western Cape where they prioritised the problem of men and women who do not pay their child maintenance.

Failure to do so should carry real consequences. 

Robinson said the DA will assist the department as much as we can but we want parents to know that when they have children they must take responsibility for them always.

“We cannot have people defaulting on their maintenance payments because the lives of children and their futures are dependent on this. So we are working closely with the Justice Department also with the Credit Bureaus and we will make sure that we help trace the people who are defaulting” Robinson added. 


Investigation into SASSA scam in Khayelitsha underway

Lusanda Bill
20 November 2014

The Department of Social Development in the Western Cape has called for an immediate investigation into the new SA Social Security Agency scam happening in Khayelitsha.

According to the department the scam involves social grant recipients living in the area.

The Departments Sihle Ngobese said SASSA must immediately protect grant recipients from this scam.  The scam allegedly involves SASSA clients being called by individuals who claim to be from either the provincial department or SASSA.  It ask people to give personal information including information on their SASSA cards.

Ngobese said the department would like to alert the public to this scam and we would like to urge people to not give their personal information to unsolicited callers claiming from being either from SASSA or the department.

Meanwhile the department says it holds a zero tolerance to the abuse of social grants recipients and the leaking of their information to third parties. 

The Departments Sihle Ngobese said as the department we will assist SASSA into the investigation into this matter with the view of bringing all those involved to face the full might of the law.

Ngobese said residents are called to approach any of our regional offices with information or contact us on 0800 220 250 or you can contact SASSA on 0800 60 1011.


WC Police: "Police" involved in Vigilantism are not SAPS members

Oscar Thomas
20 November 2014

Western Cape police have confirmed that the three men who watched while a man was being beaten with a sjambok are not police service members. 

It is alleged that the man was beaten by a group of angry residents in Blikkiesdorp in Delft.

Lieutentant Colonel Andre Traut said it has been reported in local media that police officers refused to assist a man being assaulted because he was suspected of having committed a crime, and that a police officer was eating a banana during the victim’s ordeal.

Traut said our investigation into the matter has revealed that none of the uniformed officers are SAPS members and that our members were not at all present during the incident.

“Vigilantism is strongly condemned by SAPS, and we have launched an investigation into the circumstances of the matter Traut added.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Police arrest suspects before committing robbery

Oscar Thomas
19 November 2014

Five suspects between the ages of 35 and 45-year-old appeared in the Germiston Magistrate Court on charges of conspiracy to commit robbery and possession of an unlicensed firearm. 

The suspects planned to rob a restaurant called Mike’s Kitchen in Gauteng, however when police received a tip-off of the planned robbery they immediately descended on the scene.

The Police’s Solomon Makgale said two of the suspects are South African and three are Zimbabwean nationals.

"We recovered one firearm and one vehicle that they had used to go to the scene Makgale added.


ANC welcomes United Cape Minstrels agreement

Oscar Thomas
19 November 2014
The African National Congress in the Western Cape has welcomed the agreement signed on Monday between the City of Cape Town and the United Cape Minstrels. 
The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports has pledge R2.37 million to allow the Minstrels to run the festivities themselves. 
ANC’s Cobus Grobler said it is good that they can now organize their own activities.
Grobler said this came about due to the influence and the direct intervention by Marius Fransman who is also the chief patron of the minstrel kaapse klopse.
“We want all parties to come together in ensuring that this is a great success Grobler added.


Committee established to deal with recent issues in Parliament

Oscar Thomas
19 November 2014

Opposition parties on Tuesday agreed to work together to ensure that the rules and procedures are applied constantly without any favour, prejudice and applied fairly.

This is after Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa met with opposition parties following the chaos which erupted in Parliament last week Thursday and riot police were called into the chamber.

Ramaphosa said we have agreed that what we are going to do is address various matters that have occurred in the past and matters that have to do with the application of the rules, matters of principle.

Ramaphosa said we will address them through a committee that will be set up.

This committee will start meeting next week and we will address key issues that have to do with the proper functioning of Parliament.

Meanwhile Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa met with the opposition parties on Tuesday in his capacity as Leader of Government Business. 

Ramaphosa said insults in the house need to stop and proper debate on issues needs to happen.

Ramaphosa said a committee was established during the meeting to deal with the recent issues which have taken place in Parliament in recent weeks.

Ramaphosa said all leaders yearned for a Parliament where there is decorum, where debates are conducted in a constructive manner with no disrespectful insults being thrown at anyone.

Deputy President Ramaphosa said there was also an agreement that a climate where members of the executive can appear before Parliament to account needed to be created.

“The newly formed committee would also look at the rules and procedures of the National Assembly to ensure that presiding officers implement them without any favour or bias towards any political party Ramaphosa added.


N12 accident claims two lives near Jet Park

Loyiso Langeni
19 November 2014

A tragic accident late last night on the N12 near the Jet Park off ramp left two people dead. 

This is after a heavy goods truck rear-ended into a bakkie.

Netcare 911 Spokesperson Chris Botha said when paramedics arrived on scene they found that two people were dead and other people managed to walked out without any injury.

Police were on scene to investigate the cause of the accident.


Department of Basic Education to introduce competency test

Loyiso Langeni
19 November 2014

The Department of Basic Education is looking into introducing competency test for promotional purposes in the education system. 

Department spokesman Elijah Mhlanga said the department is also looking to make this a national law by next year.

Mhlanga said the test would also improve the quality of school management in the education system.

“We want to ensure that we get appropriately skilled people who are suitable qualified because we believe that as they move up in their positions their responsibilities increase, but we need to ensure that they are able to know their strengthens and weaknesses for them to be able get the necessary support which will make them perform their duties.” Mhlanga added.


NUM disappointed by Lonmin’s refusal to take back NUM member

Loyiso Langeni
19 November 2014

The National Union of Mineworkers said it is disgusted at the action by Lonmin to refuse to allow a NUM member to return to work after winning a case at the CCMA to be reinstated.

NUM Acting Spokesperson Livhuwani Mammburu said it is disturbing that a company like Lonmin is not doing anything to protect a vulnerable woman in one of its operation in Rustenburg.

“We are very disappointed at Lonmin’s behaviour in refusing our member to go to back to work.” Mammburu added

Mammburu also said this happens in the work of a peace accord signed last year, in the mining industry though which all the stake holders had committed to promote in peace and members from committing acts of violence and intimidation in the workplace.

Through contacting Lonmin it refused to comment on the matter.


Missing Child Alert: Emihle Mdluta


Undercover operation results in two suspects being arrested

Lusanda Bill
19 November 2014

Two suspects were arrested and charged for corruption, bribery and defeating the ends of justice during a undercover operation in Salt River. 

The two suspects were previously involved in drug related cases and are expected to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate Court today. 

Captain FC van Wyk said two undercover police officers met two alleged drug dealers and sold two police case dockets to them for an amount of R12 000.

Van Wyk said both dockets dealt with drug related matters. After the docket and money exchange the suspects were arrested on the scene. 


ACDP condemns vandalism attack on schools

Oscar Thomas
19 November 2014

The African Christian Democratic Party in the Western Cape has raised its concern about the acts of vandalism at schools in the province. 

The latest incident was at Khayelitsha High School. 

ACDP Provincial Leader Ferlon Christians said these acts of vandalism have a direct impact of learners writing exams.

Christians said we are worried about the impact it’s going to have on our learners when it comes to the final examinations.

“We as ACDP are calling on the community to report perpetrators to the Police and we strongly condemn the damage these vandals are causing in our schools Christians added.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DA Labels 20 EFF MP’s Investigation as flawed

Oscar Thomas
18 November 2014

The Democratic Alliance has labeled the investigation by the Powers and Privileges Committee into the disciplinary hearing into the conduct of 20 Economic Freedom Fighters Members of Parliament as a political hatchet job by the ANC.

DA representative of the Powers and Privileges Committee Annelie Lotriet said the process followed during this investigation was completely flawed.

Lotriet said the DA, UDM and IFP – rejects the PPC report on the events of 21 August. The PPC investigation was little more than a political hatchet job by the ANC aimed at achieving a predetermined outcome.

Lotriet said we have produced a report that scrutinizes the flaws in the investigation.

“This report will form the basis of a Private Member’s Bill to amend the Powers, Privileges and Immunities of Parliament and Provincial Legislatures Act of 2004, to ensure that the PPC is fair and unbiased in future Lotriet added.


Concerns raised over effect of taxi strike on the economy

Oscar Thomas
18 November 2014

Minister of Transport Dipuo Peters has expressed her concern at the huge economic effect the taxi strike in Johannesburg had yesterday.

The United Taxi Alliance Front did not communicate in advance to warn commuters about the strike which resulted in hundreds of commuters left stranded on Monday. 

The UTAF is calling for their permits back and for e-tolls to be scrapped. 

Department of Transport’s Tiyani Rikhotso said while we note the concerns raised by the operators organised under the banner of UTAF and their right to protest as enshrined in the Constitution, it should equally be appreciated that disrupting other people’s lives is unfair and regressive.

Rikhotso said The Minister has conceded that challenges currently being experienced in the issuing of operator permits have had a negative impact on the exemption of taxis from paying e-tolls.

“She has however expressed confidence that the processes being carried out by the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport would soon yield positive results Rikhotso added.   


Body of missing Surf-skier found

Oscar Thomas
18 November 2014

The body of Mark Feather the paddler who went missing over the weekend after being involved in a surfing competition was found off the Eastern Cape coast.

Feather was one of six people who were reported missing after they did not make it to the finish line. 

After an intensive search five of them were found alive. 

National Sea Rescue Institute Spokesperson Craig Lambinon said the body of Mark Feather was located on the shore in the vicinity of Trennerys on the Wild Coast, Transkei on Monday morning the 17th November.
Lambinon said the body of Mark Feather is in the care of the Police on the scene and will be taken into the care of the Forensic Pathology Services. 
Lambinon said Police have opened an inquest docket.

“Police, NSRI, the Emergency Services and all involved in the search for Mark Feather offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends Lambinon added.


Cape Town mall robbed again

Oscar Thomas
18 November 2014

The Cape Gate Mall was robbed once again on Monday morning when a pet shop was targeted by a group of armed robbers. 

This is the second time the mall has been robbed within weeks.

Meanwhile police have teamed up with Consumer Goods Council, Business Against Crime and a security company to try and find a way to combat mall robberies in the country. 

Captain FC van Wyk said armed robbers hit Cape Gate mall in Brackenfell for the second time in less than three weeks, making off with an undisclosed amount of money and a number of cellphones.

FC van Wyk said the incident took place at about 9.10am on Monday.

“The armed men fled the scene on foot, a business robbery case was opened and no arrests had been made FC van Wyk added.


WC roadblocks resulted in 16 drivers being arrested

Loyiso Langeni
18 November 2014
Western Cape Traffic Authorities conducted 24 roadblocks across the province over the weekend and 1 079 vehicles were stopped and checked.

Provincial Traffic Chief Kenny Africa said 701 drivers were screened for alcohol and 16 drunken drivers were arrested.

Africa said the highest reading that was recorded was 1.09 mg/1 000 ml and that was in Knysna region four times over the legal limit of 0.24 mg/1 000ml.

“We also tested a speed of 7 758 vehicles and we prosecuted 175 vehicles for exceeding the speed limit. The total amount of fine that we issued was R120 520,” Africa added.   

Meanwhile also during the roadblocks other arrests include two people for producing false documentation in Somerset West and Brackenfell.

One person was arrested for bribery and another for reckless and negligent driving both in Somerset West. One person was also arrested in Brackenfell for being in possession of drugs. 79 fines were also issued for various traffic violations. 

Over the weekend there were ten fatalities reported.  

Provincial Traffic Chief Kenny Africa in the Winelands area one pedestrian got killed in the motor vehicle accident. In the Edenberg Karoo two passengers died in an accident involving two cars. A taxi overturned in Laingsburg leaving one person dead.

“In the Metropole in Brecknfell one driver died. In Delft a passenger was knocked over by a car. In Mowbray, Grassy Park, Maitland, one person died.” Africa said


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